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     We Sell Fresh Made Waffles & Ice Cream, Frozen Cheesecake, Old Fashioned Ice Cream Cones & Unique Novelty Items. Dipped in Rich Chocolate, Rolled in Nuts & Festive Sprinkles or Smothered in Fresh Strawberries and Real Whipped Cream at Large outdoor Events.

     If you would like info on our WAFFLEMAN CO. please Email: Donny@HotWaffleMan.com or call 724-992-3482. We can mail you our informational Brochure Containing Photo's, Menu Items, Event Participation and set up requirements.

A little History

       The Hot Waffle Ice cream Sandwich was developed on the Jersey Shore in the late 1960's, and has since appeared in many recipe contests and cookbooks.

     For the past 12 years it has been featured in the Spring, Fall and Summer Festivals on the East Coast, Ohio Valley, Illinois and Wisconsin. In Winter 2009 WaffleMan made it's debut on the West Coast.

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